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We are glad you found our site!  We are not a large company that you would be working with.  Lisa and I began something in 2007 that fulfilled a dream we have had since we married in 1980.  We always have loved the beach and everytime we went on vacation to the beach we would dream that someday we could have some way to be at the beach more often.  We were able to buy a 1BR/1BA condo in Gulf Shores in 2007 and began renting it.  That started this wonderful experience of working with many, many people over these past 12 summers.  Never in our imagination did we believe that we would have 1 condo but over the years we kept plugging away and would wait for an opportunity.  We now have 3 of our own condos and other condos we take care of for friends of ours.  


Lisa and I are pretty simple people.  We work hard in full time jobs in Mobile, Alabama and put in a lot of hours managing these condos at nights and the weekends.  Our niche has been to cater to many of the people that are like us.  They simply want to have a beach vacation but can't afford the super high prices of the high rise condos.  What we have done is provide an up to date furnished condo that is always cleaned to almost perfection every time.  The money you save by renting from us can be used to do all the other things you go on vacation for.  Like eating out every night if you want, go shopping until you drop if you want, go parasailing or riding watercrafts or go to amusement parks.  But the #1 attraction to Gulf Shores are the prettiest beaches in the world.  The sand is so white it is blinding to look at without sunglasses.  And the beaches are free!  We hope once you stay with us the first time you will come back over and over again as so many others already have.    


Randy & Lisa Moris


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